About Claire

All photographs on the site have been taken by Claire Heaven. Claire uses a Canon EOS 60D digital SLR camera. 

Claire Heaven was born near Salisbury, Wiltshire, but moved to Western Canada at an early age. Claire grew up in a small town outside of Vancouver, BC, surrounded by nature. The beauty of the mountains and the lakes captured her imagination and she began to take an interest in photography.

Growing up, Claire had a number of different simple cameras but it wasn’t until she came back to the UK to work in 1998, that she began to get more seriously interested in photography. A few courses later – and several cameras later! – she decided to go down the digital photography route and never looked back.

Since living in the UK, Claire has travelled fairly extensively throughout the UK and Europe. She started going further afield in 2002 and caught the ‘Africa bug’ in 2011. Claire uses photography to capture the spirit of each place she visits.


Additional information:

In 2002, Claire decided to share her travel photographs with the wider public and Heaven Sent Cards was born. Since 2002, Heaven Sent Cards has sold cards through word of mouth, online and through boutique shops.

In March 2008, Claire launched 'Claire's Wanderings and Ramblings' blog, combining her love of photography with her love of writing.

This photography site was launched in March 2015.

Claire Heaven Photography is part of Kaleidoscope Communications Ltd